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Dakota - The Nine Skies (2017)

Dakota has had its spiritual side from the off. The first and second Thoughts Become Things albums were the pathfinders for this new, and possibly most definitive of Dakota projects. These releases were measures deployed to see if electronic musics citizenry were receptive to something deeper and more involved. The underlying theme of each of the 18 tracks on the album broadly falls into one of the Skies nine realms. That is not something thats going to be immediately apparent the first time you listen to it. Give it time though, and over subsequent spins I think, youll get an ever-greater feel for the transitional passage the album is taking. From Sky.Ones The Follower, transcending right the way over to the ninth Sky: Nirvana. :cautions Markus.

Dakota - The Nine Skies (2017)
House, Progressive, Melodic, Tech Trance | Coldharbour Recordings - TBD
320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 08-12-2017 | 02:26:08 | 334 Mb
Author: qbic